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As a sought-after presentation consultant, Wendy speaks to organizations, associations, students, and at conferences around the country. She delivers programs on the following topics:

  • The power of belonging
  • Language secrets for presenting with power
  • Using a signature presentation to expand your brands
  • The power of communicating visually
  • Making a powerful first impression
  • The art and science of presenting

Wendy’s most popular programs:

Ask Wendy about her keynote presentations.

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CISO Leadership Forum

Event: ISSA InfoSeCon

Date: Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Stretching and Strengthening Our Risk Muscles

Event: Dynamic Diva Island Retreat Cruise

Date: Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Cultivating the Courage to Transcend the Tough Stuff

Event: VA Society of CPAs Women’s Leadership Forum

Date: Coming Soon

Coming Soon